Concerned about the drought? Plan out your DIY Drought-Tolerant space with Prelimb soon!

Whether you’re a Californian or not, you’re likely familiar with the ongoing drought in California. This record-breaking drought has forced many counties in California to enforce strict water-usage limitations, especially in regard to lawn irrigation. Even outside of California, our state’s recent issues with water has inspired people around the world to be more water conscious.

I do some work consulting homeowners on replacing their lawns with drought-tolerant plant species up in Chico, CA, and my phone has been ringing non-stop for new yard designs. As I work on 10 concurrent lawn replacement projects, I’m reminded how much the Prelimb App would solve so many planning obstacles my clients are experiencing! Soon, you’ll be able to do the same.

I’m working on replacing an area of my yard with drought-tolerant plants, and wanted to share how I use Prelimb to plan out my new space in less than 3 minutes. Here we go!


After creating a new project for my yard, I’m going to head to the Plant Selection page and find plants that work for my space. But why look through them all? Let’s filter through the plants so I only see drought-tolerant species.



After filtering my plants, I chose a few plants to fill my small space. They’re now displayed at the bottom in my list, so I can quickly drag them into my yard.B2-DT2


I knew I wanted a couple grasses & evergreen plants. I get both sun and shade here, so I needed to fit the plants accordingly. I didn’t want it too cluttered, but definitely wanted it to fill in over time. After about a minute of fiddling around, I’m happy with the look.



Moment of truth.. let’s get an idea of how it’ll look in a few years!


Whew! Looks like plants are fairly spaced. Let’s check it out from some other angles.


Because Prelimb is all in real-time and real-space, you can move around your yard and see how your new design will look from almost any angle!




Pretty happy with my new design. But I’ll want to be able to come back to it and modify it if I need to, or even take my iPad to the nursery and test my plant choices while I buy the plants. Time to save the plant positions!


So, what’d you think? Soon you’ll be able to use Prelimb to plan out YOUR next drought-tolerant DIY project! Feel free to leave any feedback, suggestions or comments on this blog, or contact us at

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Happy planting to all!

– David & the Prelimb Team


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