OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Kickstarter, Here We Come!



We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign for the Prelimb App July 16th! 

Let us give you the low-down.






Most of you know what the Prelimb App is about, but if you don’t, simply check out our video on our website at You’ll be glad you did!

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows small businesses to gain financial capital from the people that really matter – the people that are passionate about an idea or product.




We’re proud to have bootstrapped our start-up business. We’ve steered away from potential investors to make sure we keep control over the vision and direction of the company this early in the game. However, that puts the pressure of financing on us. Doing so, we have the following issues:

  • We have just over 50 plants in-app. We need to include 100’s more to make this feasible for people to use around the world.
  • Commercial licensure for our software is costly & we cannot afford to continue paying for it out of pocket.
  • We all have jobs, but really, really want to work on Prelimb full-time. Sadly, we also have to pay the bills.


If we’re funded on Kickstarter, we can solve all of the problems above. The funds will allow us to:

  • Have OVER 100 plants in the app upon launch, and update the app biweekly with 10’s of plants at a time, from a wide variety of climate zones
  • Purchase the commercial licensure to the software we need to fuel Prelimb
  • Most of all, it’ll allow us to dedicate our time to Prelimb to get all of this done.


The Prelimb App Kickstarter campaign will launch July 16th, 2015.


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Thank you for taking this journey with us. Keep posted for our campaign launch and new blog posts!

– David & The Prelimb Team