My, how things have changed! Over the past year, we’ve been pretty quiet on the marketing front for our app, Prelimb. We’ve been testing how to deliver the best user experience to our users – through multiple rounds of testing, and countless hours in new development and revisions. So where does that bring us now?

1. We’ve revamped the entire Prelimb process.

Initially, Prelimb would toss you right into designing your yard from the moment you opened the app. Though this brought you right to the bread and butter of our application, we realize we missed a few key steps.

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What if you want to work on multiple separate projects? Or test out and save more than one design at a time? Now you can. Create a project with a name, location, and date, and Prelimb will save all your data to that project – so you can work seamlessly between various planting designs.


One of our major value propositions is to help you choose the right plant for the right place, right in the context of your yard. But we weren’t teaching you about the plants before you tested them out in your space. Now we introduce the ‘Plant Selection’ scene – where you can scroll through various plants by type and get to know the plants before you test them out. You can also filter the plants by characteristics; i.e. drought tolerance, full-sun needs, or deer resistance, to make sure you’re finding the perfect fit for your yard.



Now that you’ve prepped your project, you can look at your space with the info you need to get started designing. Plants you saved to your ‘List’ will show up here, and you can view them all in real-time, and real space. Watch them grow and come to life!


We’ve also added and improved upon a host of other features – namely saving and loading plant locations, making calibration much easier, and adding new plants to the app. We have quite a few more plants to include before our release, and are working hard to help you plan your own planting projects with Prelimb.

2. Additions & Training!


Jim Wells has been working on backend development for Prelimb for about 8 months now – and is passionate in simplifying the planting process for everyone. I’ve known Jim for years now, and after pitching the Prelimb mission to him, Jim was an instant-fit. As a hardcore problem solver, Jim takes anything I throw at him and improves it revision after revision. Meet one of our three team players – Jim Wells!


About a year ago, I found an advisor that helped me through countless steps of the start-up process, thanks to her expertise in new tech start-ups, such as the Havoc Physics Engine that she helped bring to the US from Dublin as the VP of Sales. Believing in what we’re solving with the Prelimb app, Monica joined our team and now serves as our Marketing Director. Meet Monica Alderette!

3. Stay Tuned…

We’ll be announcing some exciting news and upcoming events over the next few weeks. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list here to stay in the loop!


We’ll continue to update this blog with our progress & send emails out to keep you up-to-date with us.

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